Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hey Man, Like My New Bike? Episode 1

Hey Man, Like my new bike? You don't see many of these models out there. I can tell you its really light, but the handling is a bit twitchy.

What's that you say? Something seems to be missing? Oh yeah, the frame - in case you can't tell from the picture this bike is a full suspension Voodoo Canzo 29. Do you like the matte kelly green paint? Yeah, me too. It goes good with the white fork.

(this is a web picture, the real thing is conspicously absent at my house)

Some of you may remember this post where I struggle with what size to get while simulatanteously coming to terms with losing a full inch of height when I measured myself(I didn't have an inch to spare). If I continue to shrink at this rate I may wind up a jockey, maybe an Ostrich jockey.

In the meantime I've got another week to wait on my frame because I changed the order from a medium to a small. I deliberated over the choice for weeks. A couple 5'9 Conzo riders from recommended a medium. One Canzo rider offered to give me advice based on top tube measurements so I did the Competitive Cyclist online fit calculator (that thing just confused me more) and sent him and Voodoo all the measurements. When I didn't hear from either for awhile (which is kinda concerning coming from Voodoo) I went with the medium. Then Advice Guy emails me back and says based on everything I gave him (including top tube measurements of my current bikes) he would recommend a small.

My frame had not shipped from Bike29 so I was able to change to a small. The shop guy talked to me about my size concerns. He had every reason to convince me a medium was fine since he already had one on the way, but he ended up recommending a small.

For the record: I called Rassy's because I saw them on the Voodoo distributor (BTI) list. Greg was surprised they were even on the list, he said they hardly order anything from them and ultimately told me to go with online if it was a good deal. I'm not sure what to make of that, but I know that I love that bike shop.

I still have two more shipments of stuff before the Green Latern can be born. I'm hoping I can get her built up with at least some test time before heading to Womble.

Waiting is torture.


Squirrel said...

Let me know when you want to put that POS together:)


Brian said...

Just as soon as the frame comes in Brother. When you hear a tapping at your window, that will be me.

Nick said...

Sing it with me. The waiting is the hardest part...

Soon everyone will be rockin' a big wheeled bike.