Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Man, Like My New Bike? Episode Fini

Can not? Can Zo!

After much trial and tribulation the Canzo is finally ready for action.As Paris Hilton would say, "that's hot".

Muchas Gracias to Rassy's for getting me in post haste for the final touches.

For one last bit of tribulation I snapped the head off one of my Ergon barend grips when installing them. Despite Rassy's considerably strong Kung Fu they were not able to drill out - or otherwise fix - the offending bolt. They said it had been cross threaded and since it came with the bolts already pre-threaded I knew it wasn't my fault - not me, what a concept!

I emailed Ergon explaining my situation and asking for a replacement. I didn't know what to expect since I've had plenty of bike companies over the years simply ignore my emails. Ergon's Jeff Kerkove, a professional racer with Iowa roots, emailed me back within 2 hours asking for more information so he could send me a replacement right away. It was a very cool display of how all business should be done.

I only had a chance to tool around some park road at Easter Lake, but I am quite pleased so far with the new steed. The Lantern (Green) is definitely Arkansas bound. I was questioning whether to take my first twenty niner out on a trip to a tough, tight trail without much lead time to get used to it, but ultimately who can build up a sweet new ride and then leave it home? Not me.

As for the Gauntlet Weight Loss Challenge I dropped 1 pound this week to put me officially below my goal for the Womble trip. Hooray, let's celebrate with a cheeseburger!

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I'm kidding, no I'm not, yes I am.


Nick said...

All those pieces do make a bike. Good job on the build. Looks like a hell of a machine. There will be no stopping you now. Oh and nice reflectors.

Buckshot77 said...

The reflectors match his pie plate quite nicely.

Good looking build. Have fun Wombeling.