Friday, July 18, 2008

Camels & Ostriches + Jockeys + Racing = Funny

Prairie Meadows held ostrich and camel races this Friday. The exhibition races (1 beast, 1 bird) were held in between the regular old horse races. I had been fired up for this fer weeks. I really think giant bird racing is the wave of the future. Someday all racing will be like this. On top of witnessing the next big thing, I was figgerin' there can't be anything funnier than tiny men riding giant birds.

Well, I figgered right.

You would not buh-lee-vuh how many people were at the races, I guess I wasn't the only one that had done some figgering. We got there just as the camels took off. I accidentally had my camera on the video setting. It turned out to be a happy mistake because I captured some wicked fast humpback action outta the gate.

The ostriches were just plain funny. They corralled them into this little house-like trailer in order to get them on the track and into the starting gate.

The camels and ostriches were next to each other in pens. They didn't seem to like each other. I think the ostriches were talking a little smack and the camels didn't like the disrespect.

I was a little slow on the start button, but I captured one jockey (Yellow) taking a sweet digger right out of the gate. If I was an ostrich jockey (and I'm considering it) this is how I would ride. Yellow Jockey eats dirt and his mount gets back up and wirliebirds his way down the track to catch up to his friends. Toward the end you can also see the Pink Jockey eat it. It looks like Green is battling hard to stay birded (is that right?) and he is successful. Apparently, they all ran well past the finish point of the race. Those big, mutant chickens - there's just no quit in 'em.

Does anyone know where I can get a good racing bird with a little beefier suspension? I'll probably need the Sports Package - the Ostrich GT with a little NOS in the trunk. Oh yeah, Professional Bird Racer, I like the soundah that.

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