Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Dog Has a Shirt

How did this happen?

Oh yeah, I cut a hole in my dog.

As foreseen consequences to my butchery I expected scorn, ridicule, to possibly be driven from the village. I didn't expect my dog to get a shirt -- but he did.

He loves it. Hims fancy.

It says "Alpha Dog" on it, which is a label that does not accurately describe its contents. It is an XL and he looks poured into it, like some Chris Farley sketch.

You have to understand, Captain already thinks he's human. He gravitates to pillows, blankets and towels like he's one of us. He will even con Jackie into blow drying him (on the cool setting of course) once in awhile.

Now he has a shirt. He's thinking "Oh yeah baby --- I'm human."

We're doomed.

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