Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lazerfest 2.0

My long time friend, Dan Smith, owns Robins Wood Oven Grill (EAT THERE!) and the associated Prime Time Catering (HIRE THEM!). He has been getting quite a few rock show catering gigs lately including Kid Rock and now Lazerfest 2.0 (if its too loud you're too old mahn). He needed some extra help and asked me.

I was a

*** edit - this is a picture of a gopher - Jackie looked at it and said, "You were a groundhog?"

and a

*** edit - this is a picture of a pack mule. Jackie looked at it and said, "You were an ass?" Gotta love her, she keeps me grounded.

and a

The show was headlined by Stone Temple Pilots, otherwise known as STP. All the bands have these coolers, some for the dressing rooms, some for the stage. Here's STP's dressing room cooler. Note to all wanna-be rock stars out there -- Lean Pockets are sooooo rock and roll.

There were supposedly 15k people there. I don't know it looked like alot.

We went up one of the side ramps the roadies use to get equipment on and off the stage. As I snapped a picture of the band Dan said, "some bands get funny about people taking pictures". I said, "well, if she gets to take pictures so do I." Dan explained she was probably taking a little different kind of pictures. Oh yeah. I bet she likes Lean Pockets too.

I saw several of the band members back stage, but only really recognized the lead singer from Staind. I got to sneak out to watch the popular songs from Filter and Hinder. By the time Staind came on we were wrapping things up. I stayed around after the rest of the catering crew left to watch the last third of the Staind set, but I couldn't even last to watch STP. I had been going non stop since 6:30 a.m. and I was beat. It was a lot of fun though. Rock on Lean Pockets. When I say "LEAN!", you say "POCKETS!" Ready? "LEAN".........

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