Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dah, da Wasserbahn es Gude, Yah

Jackie pulled an ultimate Ninja Mom move on the kids this weekend. She told them she was taking the day off to do some school shopping, but she didn't tell them it was out of town, at the outlet mall and she failed to mention there would be an overnight stay at da Wasserbahn included in the package. Just getting the chance to get some off-the-hook fresh skool gear had the kids pretty stoked. Incidentally, Katie tells me "off-the-hook","fresh" , "skool" and even "stoked" aren't cool anymore.

"Nobody says that anymore, Dad."

"I still say it."

(get a teenager look)

Apparently people now say and spell cool - "kewl".

I'm not doing that.

Anyway, Ninja Mom moves in the cover of night as well as the light of day. She told the kids Captain was going to the boarders because we didn't trust him alone all day.

They bought it.

She secretly packed clothes and swimsuits for them. She shopped all day and then told them they we going to meet me for lunch/dinner.

They bought it.

She even told them we were going to eat at the restaurant in the Holiday Inn.

They bought it hook, line and sinker.

It was only when Jackie went to the check in desk did they put it all together. The reaction was priceless. Everyone in the lobby were well-informed of Katie and Allie's approval of the ruse.

The kids were right, da Wasserbahn is pretty sweet.

They've got it all swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, swirling whirlpool, water basketball hoop and more....

Mountain bike trails are not the only places with stunts. The Millrun requires courage, strength, balance, mental toughness......okay maybe that's over doing it. I woulda liked to try it, but I could see me pulling the tower down like Godzilla.

They had two slides. Red=fast. Green= still pretty fast. Red ups the ante 'cuz its dark. They were both fun.

They also had a little arcade next to pool. It was nothing special, but it did give Jackie a chance to continue her dominance in the on-going, 20 year skee ball competition between the two of us. She's a natural, skee ball is in her blood.

Jackie did a great job arranging everything. We all had a splashin' good time.


Buckshot77 said...

Gotta watch those floating log things, they'll kick your butt!

Brian said...

I saw a couple of kids RUN across the thing without using the ropes. You could almost here the Indiana Jones music in the background.