Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Latest in the Amazing Misadventures of a Houdini Dog

Here's the latest attempt by Captain to breach our dog containment strategy. This is the cable we hook him to in order to let him out in the backyard unsupervised for more than 2 minutes. We have to use this to tether him otherwise he will Dog Fu smash his thick skull through our fence. As you can see, the cable is cut.

Apparently, he smuggled in wire cutters. He must have a contact on the outside. If we had security cameras in the "yard" (Ha! get it?) we would be checking them for suspicious activity along the fence line. In keeping with the prison theme, we traded out his fancy shirt for a more appropriate thug style bandanna. Its all dish towel and everything, just like the tough dawgs in the Pen.

Here's our solution to the security breach.

We have found low-tech is usually most effective. So a fancy invisible fence, inside a real fence doesn't work, but a chain fastened to the deck, inside a real fence does work. (?) I can't figure out why he hasn't just set his sights on wiggling out of his collar. Maybe I shouldn't be talking about it.......he could be reading this......or one of his contacts on the outside could be reading.........I gotta go.

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