Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dogs Are Not Paper Snowflakes

I cut a hole in my dog.

I did it.

I feel horrible about it. He doesn't seem to notice much.

No, I'm not posting a picture of it. Crazed PETA hippies would cart me away.

On Sunday I was trying to do something like groom the dog, but it didn't work out that way. I was using the clippers, but they don't work well on the long thick fur under his chin and on his chest. Katie was helping me, holding his head up gently. I took some scissors and was cutting away the fur on his chest. I noticed a small spot where I had taken off the fur down to the skin. Katie and I both laughed and she said, "he'll feel a little breeze". Then I noticed a patch higher up, on his shoulder where more fur --- and a little skin (cringe!) --- was conspicously absent.

I hate even typing about it.

I think I cut off a thin slice but, becuase I was pulling fur upward to cut, he got it when his skin was stretched making a small slice bigger. You know, kinda like when you cut a little corner off the paper to make a snowflake. Only, mine didn't make a snowflake it made a hole in my dog.

He didn't wince, yelp, cry......nothing. He just looks at you with this blank doggie stare that makes you imagine him saying "Why did you cut a hole in me? I'm just a dog".

It didn't bleed much and he let me put salve right on it like it was nothing. The next morning it was a little bloody, I think he had been scratching it. Jackie says if it doesn't get better in a couple of days I will have to take him to the vet and explain to the ladies at Avondale how my dog wound up with a hole in him. That won't be pretty. C'mon Cappy you can heal it up right? 1-2-3 HEAL. No, not "heel" I mean "heal". Oh, nevermind.

For whatever it is worth he seems to be none-worse-for-the-wear. We have started doing some trail running in the mornings and he took off yesterday like he had been shot out of a cannon looking for rabbits or squirrels or deer to chase.

I still feel like the worst person ever. I won't be making my fortune as a dog groomer that's for sure. I could make you a nice snowflake though - out of paper.

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