Sunday, December 28, 2008


"Man who walks on thin ice might as well dance." - Confucius

"...or bike." - Brian

Despite the arrival of that incorrigible Cold Miser coating everything with ice

I was able to get out and enjoy some biking and hiking over the holiday. Friday I headed out to the Center to see if Denman's was ridable. Unfortunately the warm weather had turned the snow into a wet tire-trapping slog, so off through Water Works park I went on the paved trail. The Great Midwestern is still officially closed from the flood damage, so I used the gravel (it was a muddy, peanut buttery mess) behind the airport and most of the Ritual Ride loop for the dance card of the day. I hung out in Walnut Woods for awhile, just enjoying the fact it was the last week of December. I finished with a little over 20 miles.

Saturday I had some making up to do with Trail Dog for leaving him in the dust Friday. We just headed out to Easter for a little hike. Much to my surprise the girls agreed to go with me. Everything was absolutely coated in ice. It was kinda slow going but satisfying none-the-less.

Today I headed out with Corey for another ride. He refused to believe my assertion that Denman's was toast so we headed out from his house by McCrae Park, to see if it was rideable. Well, uhm, no....probably not seein' there's this HUGE ICE DAM(N) blocking everything. I hope Denman's isn't flooded (again).

George Flagg Parkway was (as it always seems to be) flooded - this time with ICE. Weird.

Coming back toward downtown Corey spotted this HUGE bald eagle. If you click on the picture it will blow it up. He was perched waaay up there just waiting some some unleashed little chihuahua to toddle on by....

There was lots of skating rink riding today. I need tire chains.

Couldn't stop taking pictures of the ICE DAM(N). We did 10 slow going miles.


Buckshot77 said...

Gotta love the eagles. I saw a pair out by the airport last week. Shoot me a text or call if you guys are going out. I'm always looking for riding buddies this time of year.

goooooood girl said...

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drexan said...

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