Sunday, August 23, 2009

High Trestle and Trail Dog

Nick and I rode the Ankeny to Woodward (A2W) trail on Saturday. I guess its recently been renamed the High Trestle Trail for obvious reasons.

Its smooth pavement, complete with paved dirt road crossings all the way to the yet to be completed trestle bridge right outside Woodward. When its done (2010) this bridge is really gonna be something; 13 stories high, with an impressive view.
It was so nice with temps in the 70s that we decided to explore part of the Heart of Iowa Nature Trail too (Slater to Cambridge). This section was well manicured crushed rock and dirt path along with some brief chipseal pavement and some road, perfect for a cyclocross bike. After Cambridge it is "undeveloped". I'm going to have to check that out some time.
All together we rode just over 62 miles.
Sunday I took Trail Dog (aka Captain) out on a hike at Banner. I was wondering how overgrown the north trail would be, but it was not bad at all. It looks like its getting a fair amount of riding. It was a little rough on the ole pooch since we hadn't been out of awhile. I'll have to remember next time to ramp up to a place like Banner. You can almost see his butt dragging...

We still had a good time.

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