Tuesday, September 9, 2008

When Hummingbirds Attack!

What do you do when a hummingbird is stuck in your garage?! Get a grip man! What -- do-you-do?

1. Assemble a team. Here's mine; I took this picture afterward, telling them to act as if they like each other - what you see here is about as good as it gets.

2. Assign roles and responsibilities: Allie, (CAREFULLY) shoo 'em this way with a broom. Katie, take pictures (and stop screaming) Me: corral wittle birdie without creating a "When Animal Rescues Go Hoooribily Wrong" episode.

I had to chase the little critter back and forth across the garage ceiling. It was unnerving thinking I might just squash him/her/it (I'm going with her).

She was getting tired and landing more and more. I tried to coax her out of the attic access and she let out a little tweet. I thought I had just committed birdicide, but she was just tired. I can relate. Bashing your head on the ceiling over and over is tiring. Don't ask me how I know that.

The goal was to get the skimmer between her and the ceiling in order to direct her down and out the door.

After some considerably nifty net work she was free.

In the excitement Katie took a bad angle and only captured my (very impressed) neighbor's kids and part of the skimmer. I'll give her a break this time. Next time there's a Animal Planet moment in my garage I'm gonna expect award winning action photography.

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Anonymous said...

Brian, I am laughing out loud in my office/cubicle as I read your blog. This can't be good for my professional (?) reputation. Please stop.