Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back in the Saddle - Kinda

I decided to do a little mind over matter and get back on the bike for this week's Taco Ride. I knew I wasn't going to be in top shape, what-with my recent germyness and subsequent frailty, but I had to give it a go.

Low turnout tonight, Hanser thought it might be because "everyone is getting sick" - you don't say. I took a picture of Teri taking a picture.

Right away I knew it was going to be a rough night. My energy levels were pathetically low and just keeping things rolling was a struggle. I was going so slow I think I saw a snail wizz by me - towing another snail.

Adding to the fun, there were some wet spots in Denmans with a couple of them being flat out MUD puddles. People tend to ride around wet spots, making narrow singletrack into bloated bubbletrack around the spot.

This is bad.

I was part-of-the-problem early on, circumventing the first couple of trouble spots, but local trail building guru, Mr. Ryan Hanser, was behind me complaining about the bubbling so when the next one came up I just plowed right through it. For succumbing to the peer pressure I was rewarded with a surprisingly thick coating of MUD. Hanser said I did "the right thing" so that really made it all worth while. A little further down the trail I plowed another puddle and added a second coat. Later when we stopped I noticed Hanser didn't have so much MUD on him. Hmmm, maybe he just glides over it, or maybe he was riding in my MUD wake.

After Denmans we headed over to Hillside. This is where I really turned into a turtle. I ran so low on juice coming up the first climb I just had to stop. I took a picture right where I gave up. Funny, you can't see a wall, but I know one was there.

Apparently I was too weak to even hold the 2 oz camera steady to take another picture of Teri and the gang. I'm HeMan Defender of the Universe.

Hillside goodness

its like marble madness in spots

I took my sunglasses off and hung them in my shirt collar for the ride through Hillside because it was starting to get pretty dusky. Even though I checked on them frequently I lost them somewhere - frickin' idiot. I noticed it on the way back to the car so Corey and I turned around and did some searching, but it was getting too dark so we headed home.

I hauled my sorry butt back out there this morning before work to do some looking. Normally I would have been glad for the chance to get a little more riding in, especially since its really peaceful out there in the morning, but I was still running on empty. I retraced my route forward and backward to no avail so I figger:

A. some early morning dog walker, jogger or bike commuter found them
B. they're well off the trail under some foliage or
C. some damn party wabbit snagged em.

I already told you, stupid wabbits, stop stealin' my stuff.

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