Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Surrender (except in cases when you can't even climb the stairs)

Getting sick on Friday was stupid. Being basically no weller on the following Thursday is really dumb.

I have been planning on going to Whiterock Conservancy for CITA's first annual retreat this Saturday. I was looking forward to camping, riding and enjoying the company of like minded individuals.

I even passed on a great chance to go to the rip-roaring good time in Wisconsin known as Gnome Fest in large part because I was going to Whiterock.

Then the germs came. I didn't give up though, I told Jackie yesterday I might still go. She just shook her head. Then my friend Corey had to back out, but I was still going. Rain, no tent, football game party at my house......the reasons to bail just kept coming, but I wasn't giving up hope.

Today I thought I felt better; I was at least going to work. On my way out the door I realized I forgot something upstairs. I ran up to get it. You woudda thought I just climbed Mt. Everest - no breath, lightheaded, pretty exhausted really.

I have been stubborn about going because I thought I would have a great time. I realize now even if I were to make a miraculous comeback I would still be way too wiped out to really enjoy riding. I would probably ride in the morning, struggle like all get-out, and be tent bound the rest of the time. Getting pneumonia would be colossally bad.

So, sorry to all those guys I told I would be there. If I was a horse sombody would have to shoot me.

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