Friday, September 5, 2008

Being sick is stupid, I'd Rather be in Dublin

Some evil head-to-chest cold has descended upon our household and I am the latest casualty. Allie gave it to Jackie and she gave it to......(ah, yeah) me.

I am wondering if her crowding my side of the bed and germing-up my pillow had anything to do with it?...............but I'm not bitter. There's no time to be bitter, I must get to the doctor.

There's a long wait in Docs' office; If you haven't been before, the walk-in clinic is a hoppin' place on a Friday evening at 6:30.

Docs says, among other things, Ew and Ohhhh. She tells me something like my ear drums are concave. HUH?! WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU, MY EAR DRUMS ARE CONCAVE!

Also, my froat hurts.

As if that ain't bad enough I also have a plantar wart on my foot. It hurts. Biking to Joe's aggravated it (thanks a lot Joe). So I had Doc look at it while I was there. She cut on it with a razor blade. I just love going to the doctor.

She said my foot will be fine but I'm sure I can't hike or bike or nuthin' right now. I'm still going to the game tomorrow but I'm not going to be able to party down as much as I would otherwise (or am I?).

I got some medicine but it doesn't even taste like bubblegum so this pretty much sucks.

Jackie says I complain too much when I'm sick and that hurts my feelings.

Whatever, being sick is stupid.

Here's a couple of old pics from our trip to Europe. Jackie and I went to Dublin, London, Paris and Madrid for an study abroad class with Drake's MPA program in 2001. Its definitely one of the best things I've ever done. Thinking about Dublin makes me happy.

An authentic Celtic Cross in the graveyard of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

I kid-you-not - the Organ Fund in St. Patrick's

One end of Christ Church Cathedral. This was the first church we went to, it is one of the oldest (if not the* oldest) churches in Europe.

This cage, hanging inside the sanctuary, contains the heart of one of the patron saints.

They had an extensive crypt under the church.

The Brazen Head is the oldest bar in Ireland, founded in 1198. You could see where they used to tie up horses in this little courtyard. The people could not have been more friendly. I think our group was the only tourists there. One of the guys in our group was (is) DSM PD. He brought uniform patches to share with groups that were hosting our educational presentations. He gave a patch to the bartenders and you woudda thought these guys won the lottery. They were hootin' and hollerin', ringing a bell and buying us all drafts (Guinness of course).

The Kilmainham Jail. Built in 1796 it held many prisoners; men, women and children. Incredible brutality happened here. Its hard to explain the feeling you get from being in a place like this, but suffice to say it was very powerful.

This is the Gravtiy Bar. It was built on top of an old tower at the Guinness factory. Your tour included a pint of the dark stuff with a 360 degree view of Dublin. The bartenders even made little shamrocks in the beer foam, for us dorky tourists. We dorky loved it.

Whadda expect?! After all, it was a Wednesday.

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