Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little of dis a little of dat

My mini-vacation started on Wednesday with a muddy mountain bike ride and test pilot session on the spin trike. See previous post for pictures.

Thursday it was time for CYCLONE FOOTBALL BABY. You would think after 9 months of waiting something couldn't sneak up on you.


Adding to the ambush The Sheesleys have been tragically separated from our tailgating group this year. That's right, for one reason or another, all of our multi-family tailgate group spilt on us. That includes our incredible leader that, for years, would get there early to get a good spot, bring the grill, set up tables chairs etc. Heck he even brought games. Mike, you are the best! Where did you go? Will you come back? Now I know how that couple in Open Water felt.

All sharks and drowning aside, we handled our first solo flight like pros. We had plenty of beers, burgers and munchies. Jill and Ronda came along. It was different for me, tailgating with just the ladies, but I adapted. Having no one to toss the rock with hurt a bit, but I coped. I kept it tucked under my arm most of the time, being careful to observe the 4 points of ball security. Okay 3 points, my off hand was needed for beverage conveyance and flipping burgers. We took up residence by the portas, that's what you call ambience folks.

The Clones put on a pretty good show. Both QB's looked sharp and the defense really got after it. It was nice to see us dominate a team we're supposed to dominate.

Friday I headed out to Prairie Meadows to try my luck a bit. I actually did okay for myself getting a little up on blackjack.....and then I met back up with Jackie. Before I knew it all my winnings were gone. She's such "good luck". After that I hustled over to the north trailhead of Sycamore to meet Squirrel for a ride. We peddled down to Fish Camp. Squirrel did his best to resurrect his fish lure totem pole and I tried to rehab a discarded chair.

Saturday I sat on my lazy rump and watched college football all day. The Big Ten took a beating - that's really too bad.

Sunday I didn't do much either. I cleaned up the road bike to sell. I've done this a couple of times before but haven't gone through with it. Now that I have the cyclocross bike the roadie is expendable, its sale will finance some other bike projects. It must die so others may live. If you read this and are interested in it leave a comment and a way to contact you. Hey, its my blog, I can hock stuff if I want to. Its a 56cm carbon fiber Trek with full Ultegra.

After that Katie and I took Trail Dog for a little hike at Easter Lake. He was having a good time, but those hills got to him on the way back to the car. We came to a fork in the trail where we needed to continue heading up the hill but Trail Dog was doing his best to convince us the downhill or sidehill path was a better way. Trail Dog is cunning, but he lost this time.

Tomorrow the plan is to ride down to my friend Joe's house on the cross bike via county highways and gravel for his fantasy football draft. He lives near Pleasantville so its only about 20 miles one way. I've ridden in that area before and there's some really picturesque rolling farmland. I'm looking forward to it.

I know what your thinking and yes, I do pretend football. I started before hardly anybody knew it even existed. I was somewhat serious about it for a few years, winning a couple of different leagues and what-not. These days I only play in Joe's, which is basically his family and about as low key as you get. Its an auction league so you buy players for your pretend team with invisible money (I hope I get Rex Grossman this year). I mainly do it for the draft day experience - its tough to beat a morning spent with good people, good food, witty banter and friendly competition. Oh, and Joe's wife Nicole makes these bacon wrapped little smokies. Anytime you start the conversation with "bacon wrapped" you have my attention, and these are just outstanding. This time I'm riding down, so I'm earning my little smokies.

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Anonymous said...

Brian, so now you invented fantasy football?!?!? Wow, I never knew you and Al Gore had so much in common. And, no Brian, I don't want the bike you don't want anymore.