Thursday, August 28, 2008

Denman's is back just in time for Football Eve

I'm going on record right now saying there should be a holiday known as Football Day and subsequently, the less formal build-up, Football Eve.

You see, the first game of the college football season is just so great its like Christmas....except this holiday just keeps on giving. Christmas only lasts one day, plus some left over turkey, then its gone. Football Day rings in a whole season. Are you following me here? A whole season; two if you count the NFL separately.

I have many more football related theories I need to expand upon, but that will have to wait for another time. I need to get to the story about the spin trike.

This Football Eve was an especially festive event because I got to leave grant deadlines behind at work and skate into a 5 day weekend. What goes perfect with football and vacation? A ride in the newly reopened Denman's Woods trail at the Center, that's what. This trail is a favorite of mine and its been closed since the floods. We had rain earlier in the day so it was sure to be a mudder but we were going anyway.

A good group showed up including some new to mountain biking. Welcome one and all:

I didn't take many pictures during the ride as I was busy smiling and coating myself with top soil. The one and only trail picture.

After a muddy haul we blew off some debris circling the Grey's Lake trail. We must've appeared pretty raggedy to the latte crowd.

As per custom we egressed to Giffs for tacos and libations. After allowing for some digestion of tacos the infamous spin trike entered the picture down the road at Squirrel's house. Mr. Miyagi say, "Daniel you must TRUST the TRIKE. Spin always like wax on, wax off."

Squirrel The Architect (terrible picture but if you enlarge it you can kinda see him)

Justin The Natural

Matt The Visiting Dignitary

Sam The Conqueror

Me The Me

We shared mud, mosquitoes, beers, tacos, spins and laughs.

Good times.


Squirrel said...

good time fo sho!


Ryan said...

...picking up that talk at Gif's about Diamond Lake in eastern Iowa... I'll be riding there tomorrow and will do my best to bring a camera and post a ride report on the ~20 mile gravel/singletrack route out there...

Brian said...

Cool. I will look forward to seeing what its all about