Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Yin, Mi Esposa, My Shamoopie

Fourteen years ago today at Park Avenue Christian Church I acquired the other (better) half of me.

When you've been married for 14 years and together for 21, things like anniversaries can slide by without much fanfare. I think it is as much a tribute to your comfort and security as it is an example of how we take, even the dearest, things for granted.

The first time I met Jackie my long-time friend Todd and I went to her house over the summer to pay our fees for an upcoming Swing Choir retreat (yes, that's right I was a dancin' and singin' fool in highschool). We didn't know her, but she was a grade older (sorry, Honey) and the Treasurer (whooooo) and a little hottie to boot. On our way over there Todd and I talked about how we might make a good first impression, envisioning some witty banter, "Oh, hey there, I've got a check for you, "check" it out. Hahaha." Ok, we didn't have that part quite worked out, but we thought we'd be pretty good at winging it. Workin' the audience, playin' off each other. Yeah, this will be cool, we thought.


Jackie answered the door, took our checks, said thanks and something like, "see you guys next week" then politely, but abruptly, closed the door in our stunned faces. I think we must've stood there in silence for a moment thinking, "that wasn't at all what we had planned". I think I blamed Todd for being too tall or something. I knew it certainly couldn't have been me. Now, I wish I could say I knew right then I was going to marry this girl, might not have been the first thing in my mind at the time.

This only goes to show how things that are meant to happen will still find a way. Now we are raising 2 daughters and teaching them (I hope) to politely, but abruptly, crush boys who may think they are clever.

She's a great wife, mother, friend and professional business woman I respect tremendously. She is also a fierce Wii Fit ski jumping and marble rolling competitor.

She's awesome. I love her.

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