Monday, June 23, 2008

I just have to accept it - my Mii is fat

The Sheesley family joined the Wii Nation on Sunday with a purchase of the Nintendo console along with the Wii Fit game pack and some other games. For those of you unfamiliar with this product --- how is living in a cave treating you? Well, even cave dwelling would be better with a Wii. So, I guess you better get a portable generator or a really long extension cord 'cuz you're gonna need one of these.

In the Wii you create your own character called a Mii. You can design him/her to look like anything you want really, but who can resist the urge to create your very own virtual you? We have created all the Sheesleys. Its funny, they all come trotting out, happy as can be, when you are ready to play the game. You can take your Mii and play the sports games that came with the console. For example you could have your virtual 9 year old daughter knock your virtual self to the canvas while playing boxing (I musta had a faulty controller or something).

The real fun (?) starts when you hook up the Wii Fit. Its controlled by a pressure sensitive platform that looks like a bathroom scale. In order to start the game you import your previously created Mii (which you thought was a pretty accurate representation of the real you) and send him/her into the Fit area. The first thing they ask you to do is a "body test" - Rut Ro Shaggy, you can see the trouble comin' can't ya?

Sure enough, after you enter your height and age and do some balance training it gives you a "Fit Age" and - here's the mean part - changes your character to (I suppose) a more accurate reflection of the authentic you. My poor little guy made this sound like - ballllooping and BOOM he's fat. He's looking down at his new girth like, "what the hell just happened to me?" How's that for motivation? Brilliant that's what. Then, when your motivation (or is it devastation?) is at its peak it asks you to set a fitness goal and marks the start date on the calendar for you. Another nice touch is when you step your wideload on the poor defenseless platform the very pleasant little computer voice let's out a sigh like you're hurting it. Alright wiseguy, that's enough outta you.

I can't help wondering what my Mii woulda looked like a couple of years ago before I dropped 45 pounds. He probably would've appeared, cheeseburger in one hand, tv remote in the other. He would've been masterful at finding excuses to not do any of the exercises. Eventually a virtual ambulance (or a hearse) would've pulled up and whisked him away.

As it is, I have stalled out a bit in my weight loss goals and could use the extra pep little Tubby is providing. I still want to drop between 30-40 more pounds. Obviously, it'll take more than just the Wii Fit to accomplish that, but I have to admit the exercises are more challenging than you think they will be.

When I do whittle down my Mii I'm going to take him to a Wii beach somewhere......and flex for all the Mii ladies.

Oh Yeah.

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