Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi Everybody, My Name is Brian - and my dog is crazy

So its been awhile since I did a loony dog update. Forgive me, I just haven't had the strength to face it; to face the fact that my dog is a few fleas shy of a circus (or a mart).

When we last left our intrepid hero he had decimated 2 cages and their subsequent repairs and fortifications. Oh, and he was sorry - can't forget the sorry part. He had forced our hand and we called down the heavy duty cage known in our home only as Alcatraz. Captain, can you smell what the Rock is cookin'? (get it?) Oh, yes I think you can.

He actually sat down and let us build it around him.

Although he clearly didn't like it, he would get in. You could hear him whimpering before we would leave. You just knew it wasn't going to work - and it didn't. He chewed a little on the sides, but concentrated his work on the top which is made of slightly lighter steel. Is that smart, or lucky or is he channelling some unknown force from beyond? How did he know to do that?Anyway, once I saw that he had some success with one bar I knew he'd just keep working on it until he could pop out the top like a Jack(off) in the Box.

Jackie took the pictures of his escape project in progress to the Vet. He was impressed by his fortitude and the durability of his choppers. The good doctor recommended doggie Prozac. So, we're doing that now. What else you gonna do? We thought about getting a doggie friend for him, but I, for one, have seen too many Dog Whisperer episodes where the family thinks if they just get another dog everything will be better.......and then it isn't.
Katie wants a hamster. I'm not sure her strategic pet acquisition plan has taken into account the fact that we have a evil genius mouser in the house, our cat - the devil. In the southern hemisphere she is known as El Diablo.
On the other hand, why not? A dead hamster would round out the klan nicely - evil cat, crazy dog and dead rodent. That's a pretty good start if you ask me.

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