Monday, April 21, 2008

Orville and Wilbur got nothing on these two

I've learned that when your kids say, "Dad, come see, I've invented something." You should probably go see what they're talking about.

Its an old car booster safety seat, duct taped (at-a-gurl) to Katie's scooter. This contraption had been in the works for a few days. I guess you could say I wasn't impressed with the initial prototype. The real innovation came when they decided to add 2x4's (bungee corded to the seat of course) to the sled as leg supports/footpegs. The result is a screamin' fast thrill machine. Watch out Super Dave, we're comin' for ya.

Sorry, if its blurry, she was just so smokin' fast.
Allie is aerodynamic, already being low to the ground - that's just how she rolls.
but her legs aren't beefy enough to support the 2x4's. She needs a custom set up.

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