Friday, April 25, 2008

First Taco Ride

Even though I've been a mountain biker for many years, I have never made it to the local group ride known as the Taco Ride - shameful really. Well, I finally rectified that situation Wednesday. It was the 10th anniversary of the ride and the first of the season. The weather was perfect and the trails at the old science center were in great shape. There were somewhere between 15-20 guys who set out from Rassmussen's Bike Shop @ 6 pm for 14 miles of twisty fast singletrack (narrow dirt trail).
I had a blast, it is fun to be around people who share your same passion, especially when you all get to act like overgrown kids. I'm going to make it a regular thing.
I pilfered these pics from another biker, Justin Bruce's, blog - so full credit to him for the photography. I look too fat for my bike. It looks like I'm one of those circus acts where the bear rides the little trike. I also look like I'm wearing a beanie instead of a helmet. That just completes the whole circus act theme.

Its called the Taco Ride because it ends with $1.89 HUGE taco's at Giff's in Valley Junction and $2 PBR tallboys. That's Pabst BLUE RIBBON. They don't give ribbons that are any higher than that.

I met this guy, he's from Ames. They have gravity there too.

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