Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The First Barnstormers Game

My Man, my MAIN MAN Joel gave me the hook up Monday night in the form of Barnstormers tickets. All he had to do for the honor of sponsoring my night out was to run the sidelines as a chain gang member.

The crowd was awesome, we arrived a little too close to gametime and had to park BLOCKS away in a very claustrophobic parking garage ----- on the 3rd floor.

They fired off this motorcycle-backfire cannon that scared the buhjeepers outta both me and Jackie a couple of times.

The security lady wondered what I was doing taking an up-close shot of one of the field guys. I guess she's never seen a True Fan before, never known what complete devotion is all about..........what was I talking about? Ah yeah, Joel. If I was a Ninja (and I kinda am) I coulda kilt him.

And then the action shots.

These 2 seem to be friends, or maybe its just their love of khaki that brings them together. (just kidding Kev)

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