Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Member of the (Bike) Family

What chu talkin' 'bout girlie bike?! Ain't no girlie bikes 'round here. Just a bad mutha of a cross country machine....with powder blue seat and grips.

Listen, never-you-mind about those flowers on the seat, this frame used to belong to wicked-fast racer, Squirrel and I think there's still there's some of that nutty quick mojo still left in its veins.

Just like her Dad, Katie now has way more bike than she will probably ever need.

My beloved Trek 8700 had to go into hibernation and give up her components for the Baby Blue Bomber, but she'll be back some day.

Katie took to the Bomber pretty well, sailing down the muddy hill behind our house

and then insisting she could climb back up.

Still gonna haveta work on that.


Buckshot77 said...

That's not powder blue... now my bike on the other hand! At least I'm semi-secure in my manhood. Hope she has a blast on the new bike.

Squirrel said...

nice to see someone getting use outta that rig:)