Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We have a volleyball player........and a penguin

Katie made the AAU volleyball team. She tried out against some pretty tough competition and we're really proud of her for overcoming her nerves and going for it.

Eye of the tiger

She let success go to her head a little. I think karma decided she needed to be cooled off and turned her into a penguin.

Trying to go back to her habitat.

I foresee road trips to many vball tournaments in our future....and maybe the need to install an iceberg in the backyard.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Katie! It is amazing that penguins can play volleyball so well - who knew? By the way, what's with all the liquor bottles on top of the fridge??!!

Anonymous said...

That previous comment was from Denise - I haven't taken the time to sign up as a Google Blogger yet! So, I remain anonymous...

Anonymous said...

Wahoooo!!! We are all so proud of our little Penguin! Congratulations Katie =)


Deb A said...

Man, there is nothing finer than a proud papa. You play the role well, my friend!