Thursday, October 9, 2008

Perspective Revisited

Sure, I scraped up my elbows last week but I wasn't so unfortunate that I had a stick wedge itself in my front wheel, slamming me to the pavement - like my buddy Squirrel had happen to him yesterday. Heal up soon, Brother.

Sure, I sold my road bike on ebay only to have the buyer complain about this and that and put a hold on the payment through Paypal. Frustrating, but I'm not this guy who bought a "winning" lottery ticket 7 seconds late.

So, I'm counting my blessings.

Taco ride was urban and small, only 4 guys. We rode out to Cumming Tap via roads and the Great Midwestern trail.

Don't let the posh exterior fool you, its really not that swanky.

I kid. Its actually a cool little bar. I believe the owner is a cyclist so its allgood.

On the way back we stopped and ate tasty vittles at Bambino's in Orilla. We had some people in Bambino's say "Are you guys STILL out on the bike trail? Its getting dark. Wow, that's so cool."

Thanks, we know.

It was a different kinda Taco ride, but still good. Gotta remember my light next time, its getting dark early now - sigh.

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Buckshot77 said...

It was a great night for a ride and some beer drinkin' with buds! That was my first foray into the infamous Cumming Tap as well. Hopefully we'll be back to dirt by the weekend.