Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trail Brain

Trail building, trail building, trail building...

Spring has sprung (sorta) and I have trail building on the brain.

I've been hiking, scouting, surveying, evil ploting.

I need minions.

The snow has melted, the vegitation (read: poison ivy) isn't creepin' yet.

It's go time.

I've got two big projects clogging the cortex. One isn't ready for primetime disclosure (yeah, the blog qualifies as primetime....c'mon guys, it does) but the other, at Summerset State Park (Banner), should be good to go this spring. Well, parts of it at least.

Cool Evergreens at the top of the first ridge in the center.

View from the center island east lookout. It took a lot of bushwacking and creative route finding to get here.

There's some previously worn in trail that's now overgrown.

Low spot

You can almost make out my cross bike on the bank...over there.

I can't wait.

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