Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Managing Expectations

Ok, so I've decided to give this blog thing a try.

So now I face my first post, my initial impression, the inaugural comment...Man, I can already feel the pressure building. I know I should try to be interesting, informative, funny, introspective, compelling and all that good stuff, but I think that is shooting a bit high. I guess I will just pick two or three from the list each time. I'll try to let you know what I'm going for (but not really) to make it easier.

Still, I worry I could actually create some expectations with my blog ("my blog" even sounds wierd). For example, I remember in junior high I wrote some funny (at least I thought it was funny) little quip on the board of my Government teacher's blackboard. I entitled it "Thought of the Day". I got a pretty good laugh from the class as I recall - a fine reward indeed. Unfortunately, I didn't see the backlash coming. From then on Mr. Government Teacherman challenged me to keep it up - daily. After all, he said, "it is the Thought of the Day".

As you might guess, this became old real fast. I would come into class and go straight to my seat, uncharacteristically trying to keep a low profile. He'd say, "Brian, where's our thought of the day? How can we get through our day without your amazing insightfulness?" and other stuff like that. Trying to keep up, I even went to the library (once I found it) and checked out a book of quotations. I think (more like I know) I put more effort into this self-volunteered assignment (for zero credit) than I did for anything else in that class. Oh yes, using my beloved sarcasm back on me was well played, Teacherman.

Could he have known this (wildly successful) method of behavior modification would, much later in life, give me pause about creating a blog? I don't think so. How could he have foreseen the proliferation of the internet? Especially given the fact he was drunk most of the time. So, here's to you Crazy-Drunk-Creepy-but-Likeable-Government-Teacherman, you taught me the nail that sticks out is the one that gets pounded down. Hey, that would've made a good Thought of the Day. Man, I wish I would've thought of that about 24 years ago.

So, anywho.....if you don't expect too much you won't be disappointed. I will, most likely, fill this little piece of cyberspace with streams of consciousness and variably interesting accounts of my life and times. I'm sure to add some incredibly pro-Brian slanted commentary as well.

In all seriousness, I just hope my blog will be a way to better connect with family and friends. I guess I could've just said that instead of all that stuff above, but what fun would that have been?


Monster said...

Geez, here I thought that blogs were only started and maintained by pretentious, self-important types who thought that people really gave a crap about what goes on in the minutiae of their day-to-day lives. WHO KNEW?

Anyway, less about you and more about me would make this project exponentially better.

Brian said...

Yeah, the all-about-me format is a bit ego-centric but ya know....

I thought you might like the walk down memory lane aspect of that post. Were you in that class?

Monster said...

Nah, I never had that particular "teacher" (I use that term very loosely). Glad to see he had a strong impact on you though.

BTW - I didn't mean the nasty comments regarding bloggers and blogging. Just yanking your chain. Besides, I'm considering a blog of my own dealing with the subtleties of a life interest of mine. I think I'll call it "CarefulDocumentationofLocalBuffets".